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the fool is a student work magazine. We publish all kinds of work by students!

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the fool was started in the spring term of 2022 by a group of bennington students who wanted to make a platform for cross-disciplinary pollination. you can buy our physical print editions at-cost in the bennington college bookstore or by venmo.

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"fool" holds many different meanings for many people... here are just some of them


the archetype of the fool has an important role in the shakespearean cannon. while the fool is far from a position of power, the role comes with a political immunity second to none. the fool provides comedic relief to tragedie, and dry commentary to comedy--the fool provides balance to 'reality.' more often than not, the fool has the last line--said to be shakespeare's way of highlighting a character as the smartest or most intelligent. but this high level of intelligence and awareness does not come with a big ego, rather, they see themselves as foolish. as the fool, feste, says in twelfth night , "better a witty fool than a foolish wit." the "values" and traits of a shakespearean fool are something i keep in mind as i work with the Fool mag and the team--as a non-affilated campus mag, we are given 'political immunity' and if we are careful to not take ourselves too seriously, we can create meaningful art together.

carl jung

change is a
small death;
how do i know
i'm becoming
not dying?

if i evade the truth
dance with nimble feet
around the inevitable
will it pass me by?
if i jingle my little hat
and spin a tall tale
can i escape
what comes my way?

my fingers grasp at the cliff
between life and death; bloody
but i laugh; if its funny its false
if i fall will i become dirt too?
will the ground open below me
or will i fly and scape death's
eager grasp

-- the Fool


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